List of Gabor products

Gabor, one of the most well-known women's shoe brands in Germany and one of the largest in the industry in Europe and worldwide. Gabor's corporate roots go back to the footwear and leather business, which Pius Gabor opened in Groß-Strehlitz in 1919. After World War II, Pius's sons, Bernhard and Joachim, risked a fresh start in 1949 and found B. & J. Gabor Damenschuhfabrik in Barmstedt, near Hamburg - the forerunner of Gabor Shoes AG, now based in Rosenheim, Upper Bavaria. Today, the family company is run by Achim Gabor in the 2nd generation.

Gabor manufactures high-quality modern women's shoes that are characterized by their excellent fit. They are the most demanding quality standards for any pair of shoes that have turned Gabor into a traditional brand. But tradition is not everything. Recent years have been marked by the introduction of new technologies and product lines. Bag licenses and shoe care complete the product range. The Gabor brand consists of three series of shoes. Gabor Fashion, which represents the latest international fashion trends - in women's shoes, offering comfort like no other, Gabor Comfort shoes, which complement the fashion aspects with additional, exclusive features and the collection of bags, which gives new meaning to the term "wearing Gabor".

The company has been firmly established in the corporate guidelines for many years, to operate protect the environment, and provide as a priority, safety and health to both its customers and employees.

In 2017 Gabor launches the online market with selected trading partners in Germany and thus gives its consumers the opportunity to offer the widest selection of Gabor shoes online and in 2019 Gabor celebrates the 100 Years Loving Shoes.

Gabor shoe features:

For the best fit, Gabor Best-Fitting models offer more space for your feet, thanks to the expanded sole. However, around the ankle, you have the normal, slightly thin width F, so that your feet are supported and do not slide forward.

Original Hovercraft by Gommus, thanks to the new sole with air cushion, walking with Gabor shoes is even more comfortable. The soft cushion of air chambers perfectly covers every step.

The Sacchetto design has no midsole and the leather upholstery is sewn into the shoe like a small bag. The result, the special ease of use with maximum softness and flexibility.